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If you want to have it all; introduction, religions, Socialism and walk and be driven this is the right tour for you!

This tour is a combination of four of our tours; the blue, the red, the purple and ex-brown tour which includes a cup of coffee at the end of our adventure. In 4 hours we will explore all the corners of the city and make you feel really at home here. If you will like tasting some wine or Croatian food durng the tour that is also something we have on the menu!

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Zagreb, park Zrinjevac

Zagreb, park Zrinjevac

Zagreb, park Zrinjevac



Zagreb, žičara

Zagreb, žičara

duration: up to 4 hours


  • 2 PAX: 60€, 75 USD
  • 3-6 PAX: 80€, 100 USD
  • 7 PAX and more: upon request
  • Food and Wine Tasting: extra 20€ pp, 25 USD

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Mondo travel d.o.o.
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